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TheAccents aspirator is used to quickly copy and paste elements that do not exist on a keyboard in the French language, such as a e capital acute accent or œ ligature in « œuf » for example.
To copy an element, simply click on it!

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Did you know that?

How many letters are there in the French alphabet?
If you answered 26, you may be confusing the French alphabet with the Latin alphabet.
Indeed, the French alphabet contains 42 letters, it contains the 26 letters of the modern Latin alphabet "from A to Z", and 13 additional vowels which are called "proper alphabet": at â æ æ æ æ æ æ ç é é è ê ë î ï ï ï ï ï ï ï ô œ ù û ü ÿ. Indeed, each one is a separate letter for each case!
Each letter has its lowercase and uppercase form, so it is a prejudice to think that accents do not appear in French capital letters, this would then be equivalent to changing the letter.
Note: The ligatures æ and œ (as in Læticia or heart) in their capitalized form are with the two capital letters: ŒUVRE, ÆSCHNIDÉS.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Although accented characters and French quotation marks"" in the form of double chevrons are not available directly on the keyboard, it is still possible to write them in Windows if you have a numerical keyboard. You can name your files or folders with these symbols.

To do this, it is necessary:

  1. hold down the key Alt
  2. écrire un nombre, par exemple 1 and 3 for "13"
  3. release the key Alt

The previous example will write a musical note: ♪
Here is a non-exhaustive list of these keyboard shortcuts with Alt :

Alt Result Description
1 A smiling white man
2 A smiling black man
3 A heart
144 É é capitalization
255   unbreakable space
183 À à capitalization
0183 · mid-point
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