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Creating a website requires correct positioning in search engines, intuitive use and multisupport display. As a professional web developer, I ensure coding that respects natural referencing, ergonomics and adaptability.

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Emmanuel Orchanian

to create a website

Core competencies
Web developer back-end

  • Data base

    Design and implement a secure database and its dynamic access components

  • User-friendly

    Develop ergonomic functionalities according to the expression of your needs

  • Multi-support

    Integrate and animate a multi-media and referenced layout

Secondary skills
Design & design of website

  • Web Marketing

    Develop a user scenario, Personas and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  • Design & Print

    Create vectorized logos, a visual universe, compose a graphic charter

  • Referencing

    Develop a natural referencing strategy

design & web development

geodeposer-mon-fichier.fr (website) Proof of concept for a web developer internship, this site allows you to upload or consult files online according to your geolocation

3 mains Céramique (image .jpg) Here is the design of a web model,“3 hands Ceramic”,
step necessary to create a website

gamerEvo (PDF) PDF presenting gamerEvo, my final project of web developer,
platform for creating video game challenges


As a land operator and musician for five years at the 1st spahis' regiment, I had the honour of benefiting from a professional retraining in computer development.

second-year university level developer after a year of study at the ARIES Grenoble Digital School in October 2018.

Rigorous, punctual and honest, I am used to training, adaptability and cohesion.

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Website creation

Julien Cartier

Director of BC Recherches Grenoble

I concretely appreciated the qualities and skills of Mr.  Orchanian.

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